Viewpoint Analytics

Knowing which analytics applications to use and how to leverage their features directly correlates with the success of your projects.

Viewpoint Web offers a full suite of advanced analytics and AI, at no additional cost, powered by dedicated subject matter experts at Elite Discovery.

Our subject matter experts will help you choose which tools and features are best suited for each project, and they will customize workflows to help meet case objectives and establish automation to streamline the entire discovery review process.

Below are a the analytics applications we use to accelerate your review: 

Near-Duplicate Identification

Review Faster

Review side-by-side version comparisons, including a “differences only” option that removes common text so users can review documents faster.

Near-Duplicate Families

Code large groups of documents individually or across entire near duplicate families.

Email Threading & Suppression

Reduce Data

Defensibly reduce data volumes by only reviewing the last email in the thread. Have complete confidence that previous emails in a thread are included within the last email.

Improve Review

Easily detect subject line changes, the addition or removal of correspondents, or where emails are missing altogether.

Identify & Code Families

Identify families across multiple custodians to ensure consistent treatment of each thread. Code entire families at once, preventing inconsistencies across custodians or messages.

Relationship Analyzer

Discover Important Relationships Early

See spikes in communications between custodians early in a matter – eliminating the review of unnecessary data later in the process.

Identify Key Communications

Discover communications between custodians and unknown parties. Know who sent and received important documents within specific time frames.

Group Communications

Group together communications sent to various network domains (i.e., outside the company), while identifying privileged domains and spam emails to mass code all at once.

Concept Analyzer

Identify Documents by Concept

Quickly identify important topics and groups of related documents across and between concepts.

Automate Actions

Automatically cluster, search, group, merge, sort, save and print by concept.

Prioritize Concepts

Arrange and hierarchize documents for review early on in a case and focus on what matters most right from the start.

Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Review Prioritization

Viewpoint Assisted Review automatically separates documents into categories, such as “likely responsive” documents from “likely nonresponsive” documents, so legal teams can focus on review time and costs appropriately.

Intelligent Culling

Viewpoint Assisted Review can be added to traditional culling techniques such as keyword and date range filtering to ensure the smallest but richest possible quantity of documents is reviewed.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

At the onset of a matter, VAR can be used to easily and quickly isolate the most highly responsive documents in a data set, allowing legal teams to gain insight into the important facts of a case early on.

Quality Control

Once a standard first-level review has been completed, reviewers can compare assessments made between humans and those made by the machine to easily identify and correct discrepancies.

Continuous Active Learning (CAL)

Review Consistently

The addition of CAL, together with significant new user experience enhancements, increases review consistency and accuracy, and reduces document review time by legal professionals — mitigating risks and driving lower costs for customers.

Quickly Identify Relevant Info

Viewpoint’s new CAL capabilities allow discovery practitioners to more quickly identify relevant information to develop a legal strategy that benefits their clients.

Reduce Time & Cost

These enhancements also improve the user experience and make the discovery process more intuitive, reducing the time and cost of review.

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