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Viewpoint eDiscovery - Advanced Analytics 7.0

Viewpoint extends your internal expertise by leveraging the power of big data and AI — to manage risk, simplify your supplier network, and stay ahead of rapidly changing legal and regulatory environments. Viewpoint eDiscovery continues to evolve, using the power of Big Data, AI and Automation to help our clients learn from past matters and trends, identify risks, pinpoint meaningful issues, and present the strongest legal strategy possible. We are thrilled to launch Version 7.0 – the next step on our solution roadmap with future enhancements to come.

More Flexibility

We’ve integrated Viewpoint Review with the cloud, rounding out the tool-set of our web-based eDiscovery modules. The ability to use both the web and desktop provides flexibility for clients who have users in various roles and performing different tasks within the platform. In classic Viewpoint (desktop application), power users can leverage the robust features they’re already accustomed to for heavy lifting such as processing and case administration—including an intense search capability that’s super-powered to save time. Web users can log in from their browser and jump right into tasks they need to get work done, whether it’s reviewing documents, running a quick search, creating productions or reporting.


Built-in Conveniences

Viewpoint web users will save time and effort with the new built-in conveniences included in Viewpoint eDiscovery 7.0. The platform supports native browser-based review — in other words, documents are rendered in the browser without plugins or software installation requirements for users. It also enables collaboration with team members at the push of a button with the “Add to Briefcase” functionality, and the ability to easily send direct document links to other users.



Effortless Access

Viewpoint web provides fingertip access to the most commonly used features, front and center. Users can get a quick overview of all their Viewpoint matters from the Global Dashboard, or gain more granular, project level intelligence from the Project Dashboard. Web users can easily navigate to case level Review, Productions, Reporting, and Rapid Search modules through the simple click of a button. 

Other Enhancements 

  • With Viewpoint eDiscovery 7.0, users will have an enhanced experience with improvements to both the web and desktop versions.
  • Additional improvements to our native redaction functionalities and delivery modules will enhance the overall experience for desktop users
  • The latest desktop version of Viewpoint offers an improved processing engine and native support for many more file types, including Visio files. 
  • Web users can leverage the upgraded highlighting capabilities to pinpoint meaningful content using key term filtering, hit map highlighting for a quick view and navigation between highlighted terms, or to condense content around hits to focus on the most pertinent information. 
  • The latest web version also features a beautifully designed UI that is visually clean and allows for deep user customization and dynamic widgets.

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