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Visualizing Your Data

Who might be interested:

Users tasked to work with and understand large sets of documents. Users who are responsible for understanding key terms and characteristics of a database.

What you will learn:

The basics of how to use Document Clustering, Search Term Reports and the Data Visualization tool to understand large populations of data. Using these tools, we can construct complex searches and gain insight into document contents before beginning linear review.

Search Term Reports

A Search Term Report (STR) lets you run multiple searches simultaneously against a body of documents. The report will show the total number of documents that are returned by a particular search, as well as the number of documents that are returned only by a particular search and none of the others that you ran concurrently.

The Data Visualizer

The Data Visualizer allows you to view the characteristics of your search and drill down to retrieve even more specific documents.

You can use the Data Visualizer to explore the file structure of documents.


The clustering tool is designed to help you gain insight into your data without any user input or prior knowledge about your data required. Clustering visualizes your documents by grouping similar documents together. The clustering tool can be valuable in a number of different use cases such as ECA, organizing review, and performing quality control.

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