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Processed Data Loading

Who might be interested:
Users who are interested in loading their own processed data into the platform. Users who want to take complete control of their processed data loading, including navigating the load file, mapping metadata, and resolving any errors.
What you will learn:
The standard format for processed data and the things to keep in mind when preparing to load processed data. How to navigate the steps in the processed upload tool, including initializing the upload, defining special fields, metadata parsing, combining fields, normalizing fields, and selecting folders to upload. How to QA your upload once it is complete.

Uploading Processed Data

Uploading structured, processed data with a load file into Everlaw can be a complex process with many potential sources of error. Learn how to perform your own uploads of productions and processed data. Please note that uploading processed data only works in the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox web browsers.

If you have Database Admin or Upload permissions, you can retroactively re-configure documents that have already been uploaded. You can reprocess documents from the results table by clicking Batch > Reprocess.

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