Key Takeaways from Legalweek 2022 from Elite’s CEO

Legalweek 2022 did not disappoint. What a great week to be back in person catching up with friends and colleagues in NYC, while learning about new technologies and trends in the industry.

Here are some of my takeaways:

Collaborative Data is taking over

One of my biggest takeaways from Legalweek was the buzz about “collaborative data.” What it really is, what to be aware of for collection, and how it will be utilized in eDiscovery. The collaborative apps such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom chat, and others are changing the way companies communicate. Now that the legal world is mostly reviewing remotely, the collaboration data is growing. Tech is evolving to function in remote environments.

A focus on education

As a whole, the legal community has been focused on education. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this had been a trend, and it doesn’t seem that it’s stopping anytime soon. Companies are offering trainings and certifications on their tools and new techniques for improving workflows. You can view Elite’s training videos here.

The true differentiator among vendors is workflow management

Multiple vendors are positioning their tools as the next greatest thing. However, most ALSPs (Alternative Legal Service Providers) offer similar technology and AI. In addition to the similar tech, there have been so many mergers and acquisitions, it’s been difficult to remember who still has what name or which app can or can’t be used with what tool.

Legalweek was the first time I heard conversation from law firms and corporations looking for a partner who can assist with workflow management since the idea that all ALSP’s can now offer the same technology. People are looking for someone to be a true partner in using that technology.

It was refreshing to hear as this has been the approach of Elite Discovery for some time now. We have partnered with the 4 front leaders in technology offerings, Viewpoint, Everlaw, Relativity, and CloudNine, and paired that with our Elite Insight tools. With Elite Insight, our team creates an electronic playbook to apply technology like AI to each matter enabling the lawyer to practice more efficiently.

Elite is committed to staying ahead of the curve on all things eDiscovery and legal tech to give our clients the best of the best. We’re looking forward to continuing this mission with the insights we gained at Legalweek 2022.

Terry Reeves
Chief Executive Officer 

Terry has consulted within the litigation support space since 1993. He began as a production operator for Night Rider Overnight Copy Service. He has experienced every aspect of the litigation lifecycle. Using his experience, he founded Elite Document Technology, now Elite Discovery, in 2001. Elite is one of the fastest-growing service providers in the southern US serving clients nationwide. Throughout his career, Terry has primarily focused on business development & consulting. He has applied his expertise on numerous large cases involving complex electronic-discovery matters, litigation holds, information governance and digital-forensics matters.

Elite Discovery, along with Elite Depositions, was voted as “TEXAS’ BEST” provider of Computer Forensic, eDiscovery, and Court Reporting Solutions by Texas Lawyer Magazine for the 8th consecutive year, along with being recognized on a national level through corporate publications. Terry has enjoyed success in the merger & acquisition of four companies over the past 20 years.

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